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Sample QuestionsListeningセクションConversation問題のTranscript(トランスクリプト:話の内容の原稿)です。


Listen to a conversation between a student and her basketball coach and then answer the questions.

(Male coach)
Hi, Elizabeth.

(Female student)
Hey, Coach. I just thought I’d stop by to see what I missed while I was gone.

(Male coach)
Well, we’ve been working real hard on our plan for the next game . . . I’ve asked Susan to go over it with you before practice this afternoon, so you’ll know what we’re doing.

(Female student)

(Male coach)
By the way, how did your brother’s wedding go?

(Female student)
Oh, it was beautiful. And the whole family was there. I saw aunts and uncles and cousins I hadn’t seen in years.

(Male coach)
So it was worth the trip.

(Female student)
Oh definitely. I’m sorry I had to miss practice, though. I feel bad about that.

(Male coach)
Family’s very important.

(Female student)
Yep. Okay, I guess I’ll see you this afternoon at practice, then.

(Male coach)
Just a minute. There are a couple of other things I need to tell you.

(Female student)
Oh, okay.

(Male coach)
Uh . . . First, everybody’s getting a new team jacket.

(Female student)
Wow. How did that happen?

(Male coach)
A woman who played here about 20, 25 years ago came through town a few weeks ago and saw a game, and said she wanted to do something for the team, so . . .

(Female student)
So she’s buying us new jackets?

(Male coach)

(Female student)
Wow, that’s really nice of her.

(Male coach)
Yes, it is. It’s great that former players still care so much about our school and our basketball program . . . Anyway you need to fill out an order form. I’ll give it to you now, and you can bring it back this afternoon. I’ve got the forms from the other players, so as soon as I get yours we can order. Maybe we’ll have the jackets by the next game.

(Female student)

(Male coach)
Great. And the next thing is, you know Mary’s transferring to another college next week, so we’ll need someone to take over her role as captain for the second half of the season. And the other players unanimously picked you to take over as captain when Mary leaves.

(Female student) Wow. I saw everybody this morning, and nobody said a word.

(Male coach)
They wanted me to tell you. So, do you accept?

(Female student)
Of course! But Susan’s a much better player than I am. I’m really surprised they didn’t pick her.

(Male coach)
They think you’re the right one. You’ll have to ask them their thoughts.

(Female student)
Okay . . . I guess one of the first things I’ll have to do as captain is make sure we get a thank-you card out to the lady who’s buying us the jackets.

(Male coach)
Good idea. I have her address here somewhere.

(Female student)
And I’ll make sure the whole team signs it.

(Male coach)
Good. That’s all the news there is. I think that’s it for now. Oh, let me get you that order form.

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    今回のエントリー、大変参考になりました。ETSがリリースするふたつの無料教材は、試験機関自身が作成したマテリアルなので、どの問題集よりも先に取り組むべきものなのでしょうけれど、Sample Questions と iBT Sampler って、復習がしづらいのが悩みでした。Speaking セクションも、宜しければ是非お願いします。

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    TOEFL examineeさん

    Sample QuestionsのSpeakingセクション・スクリプトの依頼、了解しました。


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    Reading Sample Qsの件ではお世話になりました。Listeningの問題を入手いたしましたので、お役に立ててくだされば幸いです。

    1.What are the speakers mainly discussing?
    a) How the woman should prepare for the next game
    b) The woman’s responsibilities as team captain
    c) Things that happened while the woman was away
    d) The style of the new team uniform
    2.Who is buying new jacket for the team?
    a) The coach
    b) The captain of the team
    c) A former player
    d) A group of basketball fans
    3.Why is the woman surprised to learn that she has been chosen as the new team captain?
    a)She is not the best player on the team.
    b)Her teammates did not tell her about the decision.
    c) She does not have many friends on the team.
    d) She has missed a lot of practices.
    4.What does the man mean when he says this:
    I’m sorry I had to miss practice, though. I feel bad about that.
    (Male coach) Family’s very important.
    a) He hopes the woman’s family is doing well.
    b) He would like to meet the woman’s family.
    c) The woman should spend more time with her family.
    d)The woman had a good reason for missing practice.
    5.Why does the coach say this:
    (Male coach) Good. That’s all the news there is. I think that’s it for now.
    a)He want s to know if the woman understood his point.
    b)He want the woman to act immediately.
    c)He is preparing to change the topic.
    d)He is ready to end the conversation.

    1-c, 2-c, 3-a, 4-d, 5-d

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